Trauma, Tragedy and Triumph!

I have lived in Thousand Oaks for 40 years. I love it here, and was angry and sad when the Borderline shooting took place, and the Woolsey fire damaged homes and property. The trauma that families faced with the bar shooting was immense. I knew the sheriff who was killed, and my son knew two of the young victims from high school.

Entire families and neighbors experienced the grief from this shooting, and then were forced to deal with fires and evacuations barely 14 hours later. Talk about tragedy! Folks evacuated in the middle of the night, and spent days away from their homes and property, not knowing what happened to it.

As I attend funerals and fundraisers, I am struck by how much the community has pulled together. Hundreds of people lined up to buy T shirts; performance artists turned their concerts into fundraisers, and everyone I know has been affected somehow by the shooting or the fires or both.

It is important to remember how blessed we are here, but gratifying to see folks helping out each other. It gives me faith in humanity. Happy New Year!


Posted by Susan Odegaard Turner – MentorRN