Leadership and the Human Condition

There are numerous definitions for the “human condition”, both religious, philosophical and otherwise. It is people being who they are, with all their lumps, bumps and ugly stuff. One of the biggest challenges of leadership in any setting is accepting people as they are; exactly as they are, in their present human condition, no matter how snarky and frustrating.

As leaders, most of us strive to provide direction, meaning and hope to those we oversee. Helping people improve means taking where they are in their human condition. This is not always easy to accept or identify. Some folks are grateful, seek out input and accept mentoring and coaching gracefully and graciously. Many others are difficult, defensive, angry and resistant. You cannot lead someone that you do not understand or accept.

Consider your role as supervisor, manager, director, or C suite person. Do you accept folks the way they currently are; especially if they are difficult? Or, instead, do you lead who you want them to be? That never works. I have struggled in my leadership role to deal with folks that are difficult people. That means I have not accepted them in their current human condition. How are you doing with acceptance?

Posted by Susan Odegaard Turner – MentorRN