Chaos and your True North

There is a photo on Facebook today in my feed that shows a sunflower growing through a tiny crack between bricks. There is absolutely nothing, except pulling it out or spraying weed killer that will stop that flower from flourishing in that unlikely space. Are you like that flower or do you feel like your direction is wavering with all the chaos we are experiencing in our lives and country?

I have a friend who is a religious leader in the Catholic Church. As a non-Catholic, I rely on him to help me understand the chaos around the latest accusations and revelations of clergy abuse. I mentioned how hard it must be to keep your perspective during all this craziness. His response was something I will always envy and respect. I’m paraphrasing, but the gist was that “no one could cause him doubts or consternation with his faith and spiritual practice because he was steadfast in his beliefs.” In spite of all the allegations, poor choices, lack of transparency and cover-ups, his direction and “true north” remained the same.

I’m not sure many of us can say the same. Some of us don’t have a true north. We don’t really know or recognize what we believe in; no matter what. My true north has changed as I have aged. Relationships have ended and new ones begun because of my true north values. Do you know what you believe during chaos? Do you have a true north to look to for reassurance and direction?


Posted by Susan Odegaard Turner – MentorRN