Changing Patterns

I’ve been thinking a lot about personal boundaries and making life changes. I have recently decided to make some different personal choices related to healthy living. It means stopping old behaviors and trying out new ones. I have done many things the same way for a very long time, so it feels very odd to do things another way. It is hard to do anything differently in middle-age, even when it is good for you. Not all the new choices fit well. It is difficult to change habits, but also invigorating to try something new. I have given myself permission to keep what works and throw out the rest. Fortunately, most of the new stuff is worth keeping.

I have also decided to readjust personal boundaries in my relationships with others. This is also part of healthy living but harder to do. I am pushing back on folks that demean or ridicule, and eliminating relationships that are toxic to me. These changes are also difficult, but are critical to taking care of my emotional self and soul space. Sometimes I feel like going back to old behaviors, but the risk is too great. What are you willing to make changes for?


Posted by Susan Odegaard Turner – MentorRN