What is Your Limit?

I recently returned from two weeks in Israel and Jordan with a tour group. It was my first time being on an organized traveling tour. I am not good at being herded. However, I met amazing people and did enjoy the trip. It became clear on the second day that I would have to work hard to physically keep up. Part of that is being overweight. But, I also don’t routinely push myself while working out at the gym, which I do regularly. It was also hot and humid in the Middle East so I was challenged!

I struggled to keep up and took a fall that set me back a day. However, I persevered and did not give up! What I learned is that people are very kind. Folks helped me climb up and down stairs, and over rough ground. It killed me to need help, but now I am better at asking for it. Independent middle aged women struggle to ask for help, and I am the worst! What I also my limit is far greater than I thought. I could do more if I try. I can walk farther, move more, and do more sets at the gym. What can you push your limit on?!


Posted by Susan Odegaard Turner – MentorRN