The Yenta in My Head

I have recently decided my resolution focus for this year is on myself. Being more mindful, taking care of my health, my weight and general wellbeing. Who can argue this isn’t a good thing?! What I didn’t expect to discover while learning to meditate and focus on the present, is that my in my mind is a mean yenta.

The mind stores many negative experiences, and mine in childhood are doozies. I am learning from a master of neuroscience how to manage my mind which never seems to shut up. This skill set is hard for me, and opens up an incredibly new way of living…being mind-neutral. Being mind-neutral forces you to let go of old experiences, pain, anger, fear and sadness-a great concept, but tough to do.

Michael Singer discusses the benefits in several videos, and his book,”The Untethered Soul.” (See link below) I sure wish I learned this stuff decades ago.


Posted by Susan Odegaard Turner – MentorRN