There is much written about integration of healthcare organizations, integrating culture shift, etc. The challenge of integration isn’t the concept; it is how to do it. No one seems to know exactly. I think integration is a process of the collective whole and group. If people are not integrated into themselves, then how can they integrate into a larger group?

How do we integrate in our own selves and what does that mean? As a person who experienced childhood physical abuse, I learned at a young age to live in my head and not my body. This means that for many of my years, I lived only above my neck. Not healthy. Through therapy, massage and exercise I have learned to live in my whole body. This has helped me feel better, lose weight and be centered in my own self.

If we are not centered ourselves, it is tough to lead and culturally center an organization. Be sure you allow time for your own integrative behaviors as well as leading others!



Posted by Susan Odegaard Turner – MentorRN