Seeing the Big Picture

Are you making decisions based on what is right in front of you (perhaps the easy way?), or considering the big picture? It is easy to get misdirected or ignore a potential positive outcome if you fail to see all the variables and components in your decision. If you deal only with the obvious criteria, you may miss valuable and important data needed to make the right decision.

I became aware of a recently submitted an application for a position in a hospital locally. In addition to failing to respond to the submission, the facility told the applicant “you are not under consideration because certain words don’t appear in your resume.”

While I could make the discussion about how important it is to have a usable resume with key words, the more important issue is that this facility missed an incredible opportunity to hire an internationally respected nurse leader into a position in their hospital. Because this HR person, and the facility in general, did not take the time to investigate the experience, history and competencies of this individual, they missed the boat entirely and the sorely needed leadership this individual could provide the chaotic facility will not happen.

What a tragically missed opportunity! Myopic mistakes can be deadly. Are you missing opportunities in your decision making by not looking at the big picture?

Posted by Susan Odegaard Turner- MentorRN