What if You Are Right and No One Listens?

One of the challenges of being a consultant is telling clients the truth. Occasionally, this is easy. Most of the time, not so much! Part of sharing the information is the phrasing; carefully choosing vocabulary and word-smithing smoothly. Sometimes, though, you have to say the hard stuff and clients, or your partner, or your kids don’t want to hear it. I lost a job (as an employee) over an issue that I took a stand on. I knew I was right, but could not get my boss to consider my perspective. I had to resign over the issue, in spite of knowing in my bones I was right.  Three weeks later, my boss got fired for not dealing with the issue as I had suggested. It was both a tragedy and a lesson.

As I have aged, I have become more authentic as well as more willing to tell the truth. What’s important is the truth-telling, not whether someone believes you. It is tempting to say the hell with all of it and tell folks what they want to hear.  But you will still know you didn’t tell the truth. Honor yourself and speak the truth.

Posted by MentorRN