How to use a Career Coach Effectively

Many individuals could benefit from using a career coach. Job changes, life transitions like retirement or termination and re-entering the workforce are all opportunities to seek out a career coach. Some life coaches do work with clients on careers, but career coaches specifically work with clients on work related issues.

Some things to consider when using a career coach are:

  1. How long have they been coaching?
  2. Are they familiar with your industry and role?
  3. Are they affordable?
  4. Will they provide an appointment and speak to you individually, not in a group?
  5. Are they logistically easy to reach?
  6. Can you schedule only one appointment or do you have to have several?

It is important for you to determine how to best use the time you are paying for. Be sure to identify your goals of the session with the coach. Also decide on short and long term goals for your career, if you can. Determine if you want to discuss a specific job related issue, e.g. a termination, or if you want to look at a broader view of career choices. Be prepared for the coach to ask tough questions, e.g. why were you fired? and be honest with your responses. If you are considering a career change, be prepared to discuss why?, why now?and how can you relate this change to your past experiences?

Career coaches are a valuable and objective asset, especially when you are “stuck” or are having trouble determining a decision between choices. Used wisely, one appointment can improve your confidence, help you clarify goals and determine your future.


Posted by MentorRN