Recently, there was a post on Facebook about having compassion for others and notleaving out ourselves. Seems amazing to think we need to be reminded to be compassionate towards ourselves. Most of us are kinder and more compassionate to our friends than we are to our own selves. Why is that… especially for nurses? Perhaps we expect more of ourselves than others. More work, more play, less rest, less quiet time, less acceptance.

Kristen Neff, PhD has made a career out of researching self-compassion. It is her belief that self-esteem is hard to maintain, but self-compassion is more attainable and sustainable ( As nurses who routinely embraceand  demonstrate compassion for our patients, we need to spend more time learninghow to be compassionate for ourselves. It is a part of healthy living, and will make us more balanced.  Start working towards finding your own self-compassion. You deserve it!


Posted by MentorRN