Are you a Nurse Leader?

Ambitious nurses who can manage people and processes should consider a leadership role. Nursing leaders plan, coordinate and oversee work of a healthcare team. They can work in any health setting, including hospitals, clinics, correctional facilities and nursing homes. Besides leadership ability, nurse leaders need to develop skills in teaching, training, planning, making decisions, solving problems, organizing, delegating, communicating, listening and resolving conflicts.

One of a nurse leader’s most important tasks is teaching and training staff. New hires need orientation, but existing staff also need education and training on care development changes, regulations and new products. Effective nurse leaders delegate authority and manage conflict that impairs employee’s ability to do their work well. A positive attitude when those around you are not is the most important nurse leader quality. Take a look at your career toolkit and see if you would make a good leader!

Posted by MentorRN

Susan Odegaard Turner, RN, PhD
Turner Healthcare Associates, Inc.